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Dear Mr. London,
     I am the farm manager for Lightstone Foundation in Moyers, West
Virginia. Founded in 1986, Lightstone is an educational non-profit
organization that owns and manages a 560 acre organic farm in Pendleton
County at the headwaters of the Potomac River.  Lightstone's mission is to
serve as a regional training and education center for practicing and
supporting sustainable family farming, natural resources management and
rural community development.  We also work with schools and colleges in
this region in the design and execution of stewardship programs centred on
watershed preservation and restoration.
     At this time we are laying the groundwork for our Demonstration Farm
Project, which will serve as a regional model for sustainable,
whole-systems farming.  There will be apprenticeship positions open here,
perhaps this fall but certainly by next spring.  If you are interested, can
you advise me of the time frame that you are looking at?  I will be here at
Lightstone only until August 19.  After that you can reach me at
<maplehil at>.

Jeffrey Gold

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