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SANET folks,

A while ago I posted a query looking for detailed CSA handbooks or how-to
guides.  As promised, here are the results.  I got many responses but lots
for the same publications (I've left off duplications).  Thanks to ALL who
responded.  -John

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Here is my brief list of publications with CSA how-to info.

Keith Richards, Southern SAWG


Basic Formula to Create Community Supported Agriculture by Robin Van En. 
Step-by-step guide to forming a CSA, including budget, harvest and
distribution information.  80 pages.  $10.00 postpaid.  From Indian Line
Farm, Box 57, Jugend Road, Great Barrington, MA 02130.  

Community Related Agriculture.  Brochure outlining the organization and
planning of Community Farms, CSAs, and Subscription Farms.  10 pages.  $1.00
+ SASE.  From the Bio-Dynamic Farming Association, P.O. Box 550, Kimberton,
PA 19422.  

Community Supported Agriculture by Robyn Van En & Cathy Roth.  University of
Massachusetts Cooperative Extension Publication C-212.  A basic
introduction.  4 pages.  $2.00.  From Bulletin Center,  Cottage A. Thatcher
Way, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA 01003. U-Mass Publication
Office:  413/545-2717

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA): Making the Connection by Bill Blake
et. al. Handbook for farmers, includes information about getting started,
designing CSAs, recruiting members, creating production and harvest plans,
setting share prices and legal issues. Incorporates ideas and strategies of
many successful CSAs. $31.81 (make check payable to UC Regents). UC
Cooperative Extension, Attn: CSA Handbook, 11477 E Avenue, Auburn, CA 95603;
phone (916) 889-7385. 

"CSA Farm" by Hugh Lovel.  Acres USA, August, 1992, pp. 35-36.  The
experiences and insight of a Georgia farmer after five years of operating a CSA.

Farms of Tomorrow: Community Supported Farms and Farm Supported Communities,
1990, by Trauger Groh & Stephen McFadden.  CSA philosophy and practice.  176
pages. $12.00 + $2.00 postage. From the Bio-Dynamic Farming Association,
P.O. Box 550, Kimberton, PA 19442; 800-516-7797 or 215-935-7797. 

The Harvest Times, P.O. Box 27, Mt. Tremper, NY 12457; 914-688-5030.  A
newsletter offering assistance to CSAs with information on operations,
promotions, and organized groups.  Subscription $10.00/year.

Our Field: A Manual for Community Shared Agriculture, 1994, by Tamsyn Rowley
and Chris Beeman.  Community Shared Agriculture (CSA), often called
"Community Supported Agriculture" in the U.S., is described and promoted as
means for farmers to better connect with community members and for
community members to have more influence over how food is produced. Chapters
focus on beginning and marketing CSA projects, as well as on the best
agricultural practices suited to CSA. Includes appendix of CSAs across
Canada. 89 pages. Canada$15. Tamsyn Rowley, University of Guelph, Guelph,
Ontario, Canada N1G 2W1; phone 519-824-4120 ext. 8480; fax 519-763-4686. 

Rebirth of the Small Family Farm, 1996, by Bob and Bonnie Gregson. Tells one
family's story of beginning and operating a small, organic vegetable farm in
Washington run on community supported agriculture (CSA) model. Provides
general information about managing small-scale farms, describing start-up
requirements, crop selection, marketing strategies and related topics.
Includes resource list of periodicals and organizations related to organic
farming and CSAs. 64 pp. $9.95. IMF Associates, P.O.
Box 2542, Vashon Island, WA 98070; 206-463-9065.

Toward an Agricultural Ethic, by Bonner McAllester and illustrated by
Victoria Reed. A capsulization of a six-week long study circle to determine
the basis of an 'agricultural ethic' in Berkshire County, Massachusetts by a
small community group including local farmers,a banker,environmental
lawyer,professor of humanities and others. $1 each or multiple copies upon
request from: CSANA or UMASS/ Berkshire County Cooperative Extension, 44
Bank Row, Pittsfield, Ma. 01201.

* * * * * *
1996 CSA FARM NETWORK by the Northeast Organic Farming Association. This is
an 88 page  directory of CSA's in the northeast, with several informational
chapters, including forming CSA's, specialty crops, core group development,
keeping people happy. Contributors include Elizabeth Henderson, Michael
Doctor, Steve Gilman, and more. This was a Sare funded program, coordinated
by Steve Gilman of NOFA NY. (Steve Gilman, CSA Farm Network, 130 Ruckytucks
Road, Stillwater, NY  12170).  Copies available from all the NOFA chapters:
Send $7.50 (includes postage) to NOFA-NJ 33 Titus Mill Rd. Pennington NJ 08534.

from: Emily Brown Rosen
Technical Director

* * * * * *
Maximizing Shareholder Retention in Southeastern CSAs: A step toward long
term stability. by Deborah Kane and Luanne Lohr, University of Georgia.  To
request a free copy, contact: Deborah Kane, Institute of Ecology, University
of Georgia, Athens, Georgia 30602-2202. E-mail: dkane at uga.cc.uga.edu

Hope this helps,

Deirdre M. Birmingham

* * * * * *
I think most of the following are shorter articles, not detailed, how-to
handbooks for growers. -John)
Furusawa, Koyu.  1994.  "Tei-Kei: Partnership between farmers and consumers"
in ILEIA Newsletter  (pp 10-11)

Getz, Arthur. 1991-92. "Design for Community: Consumer-Producer
Co-Partnerships: A Direct  Marketing Approach" in PERMACULTURE ACTIVIST
(Vol. VII#3 (pp 3-10)

Gibson, Eric. 1993 "Community Supported Agriculture" SMALL FARM NEWS
(nov/dec), Univ. of  California (pp 1, 3-4)

Hoffman, Judith. 1996. "Community Supported Agriculture--Part II" in THE
NATURAL FARMER -  Special Supplement on Community Supported Agriculture

(MSc Thesis for Natural Resrouce Planning dept. of the University of
Vermont, Burlington)

Lamb, Gary 1994. "Community Supported Agriculture - can it become the basis
for a New  Associative Economy?" in BIODYNAMICS (Nov/Dec) pp 8-15

Amunda Salm

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