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Sat Aug 9 17:42:03 EDT 1997

>At 01:35 PM 8/7/97 -0700, mray01 at wrote:
>>As someone who feels he is not a total novice to the Web, I *still* find
>>it more productive to have those who know tell you good sources than to
>>grep through a few gigs of some database. It has nothing to do with
>>"wanting permaculture easily" than with "sharing high quality URLS and
>>book titles with the curious". If there are 5000 hits for "permaculture"
>>how am I to know which are good?
>Well...that's part of what the FAQ is for, because everyone asks certain
>questions.  Putting the answers all in one place keeps the rest of us from
>having to listen to them over and over again.
>Beyond that...if you, say, want to know how to integrate chitlin grubs into
>a subtropical savannah, you can ask a more specific question and perhaps a
>human *can* better direct you to the info you need.  Otherwise, having no
>knowledge of your specific needs, all we can really do is point someone at
>the resource list and let them figure out what works for their specific
>situation.  Someone living in Ohio, say, probably has very little use for a
>site focused on tropical rainforests.  It's a big world, after all. :)
>Just another data point,
>Loren Davidson
>loren at
>"What I *said* was, 'Buy $150M worth of *Snapple*!'"  -- B. Gates

Hello Loren,

Good on a permaculture fellow, I have all but resigned from
participating in p.c. discussions, or even opening the postings after
10,000 ho hum and needy redundancies. As we both know, there are
appropriate ways to seek out the unkown without boring the rest of us

How's life?

Good Medicine,

Simon Henderson
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On Thu, 7 Aug 1997 mray01 at wrote:

> I am new to this list, and have only a beginning understanding of
> permaculture. Would it be possible to email me (or post) a few good
> general resources on permaculture? Preferably on-line resources since
> those are the most easily accessible, but books are good.

Online discussion group resources would include this list, the Envirolink
PC list and a new array of PC newsgroups at sunSITE at:
news:// (+ others) or
add this (free) public host to your news browser:

There are lots of PC links & other info at:
and PC literary references at:

Here are a few from the Cross Timbers Permaculture Institute homepage at:


Renewable Natural Resources

     The One-Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka, 1985. 
     Permaculture: A Designers' Manual by Bill Mollison. 
     Tree Crops: A Permanent Agriculture by Russell J. Smith, 1929. 
     The Permaculture Garden by Graham Bell, 1994. 
     Holistic Resource Management by Alan Savory. 

Social Studies

     _Living the Good Life and _Continuing the Good Life_ by Helen and
     Scott Nearing. 
     Dumbing Us Down by John Gatto. 
     Communities Directory by the Fellowship for Intentional Community,
     Ancient Futures: Learning from Ladakh by Helena Norberg-Hodge, 1991. 
     Invest Yourself Commission on Voluntary Service and Action, New York,
     New York, 1993. "The catalogue of Volunteer


     Thermal Delight in Architecture by Lisa Heschong, 1979. 
     The Straw Bale House by Steen, Steen, and Bainbridge, 1994. 

Food Preparation

     Stocking Up III: The All-New Edition of America's Classic Preserving
     Guide by Carol Hupping, 1986. 
     Ferment and Human Nutrition by Bill Mollison, Published by Tagari
     Press, 1993. 


     Peaceful Valley Farm Supply P.O. Box 2209, Grass Valley, CA 95945.
     Phone: 916-272-4769. 
     Real Goods 966 Mazzoni Street; Ukiah, CA 95482-3471. Phone:
     800-762-7325; Fax 707-468-9486. 
     Island Press Environmental Sourcebook "Books for better conservation
     management." P.O. Box 7; Covelo, CA 95428.
     Phone: 800-828-1302; Fax 707-983-6414. 


     The Permaculture Activist P.O. Box 1209; Black Mountain, NC 28711.
     Contact, Peter Bane. 
     The Permaculture International Journal P.O. Box 6039; South Lismore;
     NSW 2480, Australia. Phone: 066-220-020; Fax:
     066-220-579; pcjournal at (electronic mail). 
     Permaculture Drylands Jounal P.O. Box 64184; Tucson, AZ 85728. 

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