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At 01:35 PM 8/7/97 -0700, mray01 at wrote:
>As someone who feels he is not a total novice to the Web, I *still* find
>it more productive to have those who know tell you good sources than to
>grep through a few gigs of some database. It has nothing to do with
>"wanting permaculture easily" than with "sharing high quality URLS and
>book titles with the curious". If there are 5000 hits for "permaculture"
>how am I to know which are good? 

Well...that's part of what the FAQ is for, because everyone asks certain
questions.  Putting the answers all in one place keeps the rest of us from
having to listen to them over and over again.

Beyond that...if you, say, want to know how to integrate chitlin grubs into
a subtropical savannah, you can ask a more specific question and perhaps a
human *can* better direct you to the info you need.  Otherwise, having no
knowledge of your specific needs, all we can really do is point someone at
the resource list and let them figure out what works for their specific
situation.  Someone living in Ohio, say, probably has very little use for a
site focused on tropical rainforests.  It's a big world, after all. :)

Just another data point,


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