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Thu Aug 7 16:35:10 EDT 1997

As someone who feels he is not a total novice to the Web, I *still* find
it more productive to have those who know tell you good sources than to
grep through a few gigs of some database. It has nothing to do with
"wanting permaculture easily" than with "sharing high quality URLS and
book titles with the curious". If there are 5000 hits for "permaculture"
how am I to know which are good? I can look for myself, which I will
probably do sooner or later anyway, or I can ask here and get good "hits"
100% relevant to my search. People are always the best, and most
intelligent, search engines.

On Thu, 7 Aug 1997 Milogic at wrote:

> To Mike Ray and the others who want permaculture easily, use your internet
> access to go to any of the search engines, from Yahoo! to Excite! by way of
> Alta Vista and Magellan (among many search engines). Type in PERMACULTURE on
> the search line, click on the search icon or hit your return key and WOW! you
> will be inundated by permaculture references and links around the world.
> Milo Clark
> Berkeley CA USA

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