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              Permaculture Organizations & Publications*
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               Permaculture Resources in the United States:

The Permaculture Activist
Box 1209
Black Mountain, NC  28711
(704) 683-4946
Editor: Peter Bane
Cost:  $16, quarterly

The Permaculture Activist is the leading periodical for North
American permaculture.  It publishes articles on permaculture, edible
landscaping, bioregionalism, aquaculture, etc, and provides a current
listing of upcoming permaculture design courses.  It serves as an
important networking tool in the U.S., Canada, and Central America. 
Back issues are available.   

The International Permaculture Solutions Journal (TIPS) 
Yankee Permaculture, Elfin Permaculture, and 
Forest Ecosystem Rescue Network (FERN) 
P.O. Box 672 Dahlonega, GA 30533-0672 
Editor:  Dan Hemenway 
Email:  YankeePerm at, and Elfpermact at  
Cost:  $27.50 for four issues

The International Permaculture Solutions Journal (TIPS) is published
on an irregular basis, but is a rich source of information.  Prior
to TIPS, Yankee Permaculture put out a fantastic yearbook called The
International Permaculture Species Yearbook (TIPSY).  The TIPSY
series is a goldmine of permaculture information; much of the
information is still quite useful.  FERN publishes a permaculture
newsletter 	called Robin that deals with forest issues. Yankee
Permaculture also publishes The Resources of International
Permaculture - TRIP.  Volume 5 of TRIP, published in 1993, is a
68-page issue that contains 1,540 listings of groups working in
permaculture, sustainable food systems, and tree-based agriculture.

Restoration Forestry
Friends of the Trees
P. O. Box 4469
Bellingham, WA   98227
(360) 738-4972
Editor:  Michael Pilarski

Restoration Forestry: An International Guide to Sustainable Forestry
Practices (1994) is a 525-page guide to resources in restoration
forestry.  It contains over 50 review articles, 780 organizations,
230 journals and periodicals, 800 books, 100 restoration forestry
projects underway, and 100 directories on topics relating to
Restoration forestry, forest ecology, tree seedlings, bioregionalism,
and permaculture.  It is a massive addition to tree-based
agricultural literature.  Cost is $27, plus $4 handling.  

Other publications from Friends of the Trees include the
International Green Front Report (1988, $7.00); Kiwifruit Enthusiasts
Journal (Vol. 6, $17.20); and Third World Resource Guide (1993,
$5.00) and the West Coast Permaculture News & Gossip newsletter. 

Travelers Earth Repair Network (TERN) is a database maintained by
Friends of the Trees containing over 2,500 permaculture contacts in
100-plus countries.  The aim is to link travelers with individuals
and organizations involved in sustainable agriculture, forestry,
permaculture, and ecological restoration.  The 	fee to access the
TERN database is $50.  Hosts are listed free of charge. 

Permaculture Drylands Journal
Permaculture Drylands Institute
P.O. Box 156
Santa Fe, NM  87504-0156
(505) 983-0663
Cost: $25, 3 issues per year

Permaculture Drylands Journal (formerly Sustainable Living in
Drylands) is published in April, August, and December by the
Permaculture Drylands Education and Research Institute. It focuses on
permaculture concepts and designs for arid lands, with a heavy focus
on New Mexico and Arizona.  PDJ has published articles on straw bale
buildings, solar box cookers, dryland farming, and much more; back
issues are available.  PDI offers a regular series of Permaculture
Design Courses.   

Dry Country News
Box 23-J
Radium Springs, NM 88054
Cost:  $10, 4 issues per year

Dry Country News is devoted to Earth-based, low-impact living in the
American Southwest.  Whether you call it homesteading, permaculture,
or sustainable living, Dry Country News is packed with information of
interest to desert dwellers everywhere.  Topics covered include
alternative construction methods (straw bale, cob, adobe, etc.),
gardening in our difficult desert climate, solar energy techniques
and applications, desert herbs for food and medicine, sustainable
irrigation methods (rainwater catchments, drip, etc.) and much more.
Earthword Journal
Eos Institute			
580 Broadway, Suite 200	
Laguna Beach, CA  92651	
(714) 497-1896		
Cost: $20, 4 issues 		

Earthword Journal is a glossy permaculture magazine published
collaboratively by Eos Institute and the Permaculture Institute of
Southern California.  It explores the ecological interface between
urban and 	rural communities and is geared to the professional
designer, architect, and land-use planner. Issue No. 6 was 	published
in January 1996.

The Bay Area Permculture Guild
Bay Area Permaculture Group
P.O. Box 9606
San Rafael, CA  94901
Email:  bapg at
Cost:  $20, 4 issues per year

The Bay Area Permculture Guild is a newsletter for the emerging
grassroots movement of Permaculture in the San Francisco Bay Area
and surrounding Shasta Bioregion. The newsletter is published four
times a year in the cross quarter months: February, May, August, and
November.  Contents include events, sites, teachers, books, and
permaculture strategies.

Temperate Bamboo Quarterly
Earth Advocates Research Facility
30 Myers Road
Summertown, TN  38483 
(615) 964-4151
Cost:  $24, quarterly 

Temperate Bamboo Quarterly is a quarterly publication from Earth
Advocates, a permaculture team run by Sue and Adam Turtle.  It
focuses on the bamboo plant which has unique, multi-purpose uses. 
They also operate a nursery with dozens of bamboo species.      

Permaculture Resources
P.O. Box 65
56 Farmersville Rd
Califon, N.J.  07830
(800) 832-6285

Educational publisher and distributor of permaculture resources and

P.O. Box 2008
Davis, CA  95616
(916) 756-7177

agAccess, primarily a mailorder bookstore but also a publishing
company and for-profit information service, carries one of the
largest selections of agricultural literature in North America.  They
specialize in sustainable agriculture and related resources.

The Future is Abundant

First published in 1982 by Tilth, The Future is Abundant is a classic
resource book on permaculture at the bioregional level.  Though long
out-of-print, it is now available on the Internet.

                Permaculture Resources in Australia

Permaculture International Journal 
Permaculture International Ltd.
P.O. Box PG6039 
South Lismore, NSW  2480
Phone:  (066) 220 020
International:  (066) 220 579
Cost: U.S. $24, quarterly (available in the U.S. through The
Permaculture Activist)

PIJ serves as the leading periodical for permaculture worldwide.  It
contains articles, book reviews, and news of permacultural events
around the world.  It serves as an important networking tool.  Back
issues to the early 1980s are available.

The Permaculture Edge
Permaculture Nambour, Inc. 
P.O. Box 148 
Inglewood 6050 
Western Australia
Cost: U.S. $20, quarterly (available in the U.S. through The
Permaculture Activist) 

The Permaculture Edge aims to report activities that are seen to be
at the cutting edge of permaculture developments around the world. 
The "permaculture edge" refers to the "edge effect" found at the
boundaries of two ecological systems where there is more synergism,
biological activity, and variations in the microenvironment and which
can be used to increase yields in designed systems.  It also points
to permaculture ideas as being "at the edge" of a change in the push
towards a sustainable future. 

International Permaculture Institute
P.O. Box 1
Tyalgum, NSW  2484
Phone:  (066) 793 442
perminst at

The International Permaculture Institute in Tyalgum, Australia,
serves as the international coordinating organization for
permaculture activities such as permaculture design accreditation.  

           Permaculture Resources Around the World

Permaculture Magazine UK: Ecological Solutions for Everyday Life
Permanent Publications
Hyden House Limited
Little Hyden Lane
Clandfield, Hampshire  PO8 ORU
Email:  permaculture at
Cost:  U.S. $24, quarterly (available in the U.S. through The
Permaculture Activist)

A quarterly journal published in cooperation with the Permaculture
Association of Great Britain.  It contains articles, book reviews,
and solutions from Britain and Europe.  A good source for temperate
agroforestry species and permaculture design projects.   

Earth Repair Catalog - Permanent Publications (UK)

A project of Permanent Publications in Great Britain, publisher of
Permaculture Magazine UK.  The Earth Repair Catalog is a wide
selection of books, videos, and resources on permaculture topics: 
organic gardening; bio-dynamics; agroforestry; farming; aquaculture;
animals; ecological architecture & sustainable building technology;
human-scale economy & development; community & groups; and energy
saving products

Permaculture Association of Zimbabwe
Box CY 301
Causeway, Harare 
Telephone/Fax:  (+4) 726911
Cost:  U.S. $30, per year

The Organic Farming Sourcebook  338-pages
The Other India Press
Above Mapusa Clinic
Mapusa 403 507 Goa
Fax:  91-832-263305

The Organic Farming Sourcebook, a 338-page guidebook just published
in 1996, provides a dynamic treatment of organic agriculture in
India, with up-to-date articles, resources, contacts, and suppliers. 
In modern India, 70% of its 900 million inhabitants still depend on
agriculture as a livelihood.  These farmers draw upon four thousand
years of sustainable farming experience.  However, European
colonialism and Green Revolution technology has wreaked havoc on
natural farming methods in India, and the Sourcebook documents and
supports the efforts of the emerging organic farming and
permaculture movements in India.  Highly recommended.
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