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Thu Aug 7 14:55:42 EDT 1997

At 01:21 AM 8/7/97 -0700, Mike Ray wrote:

>I am new to this list, and have only a beginning understanding of
>permaculture. Would it be possible to email me (or post) a few good
>general resources on permaculture? Preferably on-line resources since
>those are the most easily accessible, but books are good.

Mike, as yet there aren't too many good online sources for general
Permaculture information.  The best places to go for learning about
Permaculture at this time are:

1) definitely read Bill Mollison's books if you haven't.  Start with
"Introduction to Permaculture" and then move on to the "Designer's Manual"
when you're ready to get more serious.

2) Subscribe to one or more of the printed journals published by
Permaculturists around the world, like Permaculture International Journal,
Permaculture Activist, etc.  These journals also make available a lot of
reading material you can order from them.

3) Take a workshop or design class in your area.  Hands-on is a great way
to learn and also to meet other folks in your region who are doing
permaculture.  These workshops are generally advertised in the journals.

That said, there are a few places to go for online information.  If you
haven't checked out the wonderful InterGarden site hosted by the owner of
this list, Lawrence London, he lists a plethora of links here:

I myself have a permaculture-related site called The Plant Tracker, a
searchable database of 7000 species of useful plants.  The database itself
was compiled by Plants For A Future, a UK-based Permaculture group who have
an excellent web site of their own.

My Plant Tracker address is:

There's a link to Plants For A Future's site from there, too.  Sometimes
the search engine has been down lately because there's been so much
traffic, but keep trying!

I will also likely be doing more Permaculture related Internet work in the
future, including for Bill Mollison, so I'll keep you posted as this develops.

= Lee =

Lee A. Flier
lflier at
Atlanta and Ellijay, Georgia, U.S.A.

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