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>Hi Allixandria:
>Please forward the info to the entire permaculture list for me.  From our
>Permaculture Supplier List database of nearly 1,000 entries (email
>YankeePerm at aol.com about availabiity in print or disk forms):
>J L Hudson
>POB 1058
>Redwood City CA 94064 USA
>They are efficient, courteous and we have not had the awful backorder
>bookkeeping problems that we encounter with many other permaculture-type
>For Mother Earth, Dan Hemenway, Yankee Permaculture Publications (since
>1982), Elfin Permaculture workshops, lectures, Permaculture Design Courses,
>consulting and permaculture designs (since 1981), and now correspondence
>courses via email.  Next starts in Oct. 1997. Internships available.
>Copyright, 1997, Dan & Cynthia Hemenway, P.O. Box 52, Sparr FL 32192 USA
> YankeePerm at aol.com
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