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>> Hi, I'm the director of Sonoma (County) Permaculture in Sebastopol, Ca. A
>and a half ago a friend downloaded an extensive list of global Pc contacts
>orgs, 6 pages worth. Do you know of an updated list that is available on the
>It has been a very valuable resource and I'd like to keep it current.
>> --
>> Keith
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Hi Keith:

We publish a complimentary listing, about 2,000+ organizations doing work
compatible with permaculture, including some permaculture groups, centers and
publications.  It's called TRIP--The Resources of Inernational Permaculture.
(We are pretty restrictive regarding permaculture groups and centers as there
are so many around in name only.)  If someone has actually taken the effort
to validate a six page list of PC groups, I'd certainly like to see it.
 Please post the contact when you find it.

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1982), Elfin Permaculture workshops, lectures, Permaculture Design Courses,
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courses via email.  Next starts in Oct. 1997. Internships available.
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