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Wed Aug 6 21:57:00 EDT 1997

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Date: Tue, 05 Aug 1997 14:21:31 -0700
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Subject: permacultural orchard


  I am doing a thesis paper on orchard management to produce apples for 
juice. Having read Fukuoka and Mollison, I find their thoughts very 
interesting, however not detailed enough to apply them to my problem. 
Also, in Northern Germany, permacultural horticulture does not seem to 
work well enough to use it commercially. The Kennedys, who have been 
setting up the permacultural idea for Germany, could not help me yet with 
my particular problem.
  So, maybe, you could hint me to someone in a similar climatic situation 
who is running an orchard or would know something about that. 

  Thanks a lot,

  sincerely Ralph

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