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Greetings Thilo Pfennig:
	Thanks for your note to the permaculture mailing group. One way to start
would be for you to develop a list of active permaculture teachrs and
consultants and the areas in which they work.  Then, when opportunities for
collaboration come up, you have a resource base.  I imagine that on request
to this group you could generate a useful list of names.  In my view,
permaculture is best introduced as training to the local people who have
indicated that they want such training.  Then permaculturists can be
available for support to a local group that develops its own designs.  We
have designed a three-year program of teaching and support for such
	Permaculture design principles can be used to design such an approach.  Once
all the responses to your post are in, such a design process can begin.  
	It is very good to hear of this potential marriage.
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We don't have time to rush.

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>Hi there,
>I am in contact with the australian organization BODHI who is looking
forward to
>support sustainable ways to improve health, education and the environment,
> particularly in developing countries.
>See page: <>
>I was thinking about how it may be possible to bringt together the power of
>this development organization with the permaculture-principles. One of the
>directors, Dr.Colin Butler knows about PC and met Bill Mollison .
>He says:
>>However, I agree the theory of permaculture is good.
>>I think BODHI would support permaculture if a local community wanted
>>to use these principles and we had the resources to do so but so far
>>we haven't done much along these lines.
>Maybe someone likes to jump in with some ideas?
>Dr. Colin Butler: <mailto:csbutler at>
>(Alternative address: <mailto:colin.butler at> )
>Thank you for any support!

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