Sustainability and development

Thilo Pfennig Thilo.Pfennig at
Wed Apr 2 14:30:08 EST 1997

Hi there,

I am in contact with the australian organization BODHI who is looking forward to
support sustainable ways to improve health, education and the environment,
 particularly in developing countries.

See page: <>

I was thinking about how it may be possible to bringt together the power of
this development organization with the permaculture-principles. One of the
directors, Dr.Colin Butler knows about PC and met Bill Mollison .

He says:

>However, I agree the theory of permaculture is good.
>I think BODHI would support permaculture if a local community wanted
>to use these principles and we had the resources to do so but so far
>we haven't done much along these lines.

Maybe someone likes to jump in with some ideas?

Dr. Colin Butler: <mailto:csbutler at>
(Alternative address: <mailto:colin.butler at> )

Thank you for any support!

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