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At 04:48 PM 6/26/96 -0700, Lawton/Miller wrote:
>New to farm life--I put *straw* on top of the weeds, not hay. :-)
>Another comment I wanted to make, is that by the time I shredded all the
>newspaper, layered all the layers, etc., I spent more time than I would
>have digging out the weeds, and planting directly into the soil.
>I thought that this was an *easier* way to garden!
>Does anyone have any comments about the labor intensity of permaculture?
Labour intensity?  Hmmmmm - I have 8 garden beds - all of which are no dig.
Just slashed the weeds, covered them with sheets of newspaper (not ripped),
hay, straw and compost and stuck in the seedlings!  It took me probably an
hour to build one bed and put in the seedlings - that is including putting
down wood for the paths and sides of the bed.  And I didn't kill one worm in
the process!  

Permaculture is about energy efficiency, not labour intensity!  

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