Permaculture garden beds

Lawton/Miller llami at
Mon Jun 24 17:20:22 EDT 1996

I just moved to the Eugene area, and am caretaking a small farm for an
unknown period of time. There is a garden area, fenced for deer, which has
shoulder-high grass and weeds. I can't resist growing a few of my own
vegetables, and I think I'll take some grass clippings and weeds I've
pulled up, and which are now in compost bins, and I think I'll lay several
layers on top of the living grass and weeds. There is some mushroom compost
and potting soil lying around, which I think I'll put on top of those
barely-composted grasses and weeds, and into which I'll plant my pepper,
tomato and squash bedding plants.

I haven't used this technique in the past, since I had raised beds where I
lived before, but I have heard that this method can work.

Does anyone have any opinions or advice they'd like to offer before I set
out to do it this way tomorrow? Anyone want to take bets on my success? ;-)

Looking forward to your comments,


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