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Subject: interested in community supported permaculture/city farms

 [Note: this letter arrived today from a student in Australia.  If anyone
 has a reply for her then please Cc: us & her address above.  Jennifer -
 we'd be happy to have you join our Tree-House email forum.  While we are 
 predominantly for tree-planting within human settlements (urban forestry),
 Permaculture issues are among our recurrent threads.  Simply email me your
 intentions & I'll sign you right up.  List operator: Richard at Flora.Com] ...

Hello there! 

I've been searching the Internet lately for any information on community
supported agriculture, (CSA) or any city farm projects that involve the
community in the organisation, the farming and the return. I am specifically
interested in organic, biodynamic and permaculture based farms designed for
a sustainable future in production. To fill you in a bit more on exactly
where I'm coming from, you might have already guessed  I am a student. I
attend Southern Cross University which is located in Lismore, Northern
N.S.W, Australia, six months from completing a Bachelor of Applied Science,
Conservation Technology. The only thing now that stands in my way is an
integrated research project. I have designed the project to cover issues
such as permaculture and its integration within the community and
alternative agricultural practices for a sustainable future. 

I have been in contact with the city farm in Lismore whos vision is to
operate a commercially viable and environmentally sustainable farm-based
enterprise drawing on community  and permaculture resources.

Anyway where you fit into all of this and the reason for which I write is to
request any information you could offer to a poor struggling student on any
of these topics. 

Your help would be much appreciated

Permaculturally yours,

Jennifer Colquhoun  

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