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July 12th, 1996


We are 5 students of an environmental postgraduate in Belgium. For these 
studies we decided to make a scription on Permaculture.
Our aim is to focus on Permaculture in all its aspects and to examine its 
introduction in Belgium.

Because there is very little information available in Belgium, we ask if 
you have any suggestions or information on the issue of Permaculture and 
related subjects (f.i. list of books, leaflets, persons, etc., eventually 
a summary of the content / subject).
Is it possible to buy permaculture books in london? We planed a trip to 
your city.

Looking forward to a positive reply,

Contact address:
post: Geert Matthijs, Jean Delorilaan 2, B 9050 Gentbrugge, BELGIUM
telephone: ++32 9 230 57 01
email: wimber at

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