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Subject: Study on Rural Internet Use

Rural areas are often at a disadvantage when trying to access emerging
technologies. A group of researchers at the University of Guelph are 
exploring how rural residents are able to access, use, and adapt to the 

The purpose of this study is to determine how rural residents differ from
urban residents in their use of the Internet, and to determine the impact
of Internet use on agriculture and agriculture related businesses.  The
information gathered will be used to help eliminate barriers to Internet
use, and to improve the quality of Internet services offered to rural

Responses to the survey will be completely anonymous, however once the
survey has been completed, participants will be offered the opportunity to
enter a draw for a free pass to an upcoming conference on Rural
Telecommunications, and a University of Guelph sweatshirt and baseball

Your assistance would be valuable to this study. Please take the time to 
fill out the survey and alert others of it's existence.  

The survey and more information regarding the study is located at:

     Internet use in Rural Areas

For those who do not have web access, an alternative format is available 
on request.  Please send a message to survey at for more 

Thank you for your assistance,

Don Richardson, Linda Mayhew and Wendy Truelove

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