Sal Schettino sals at
Thu Jul 4 10:24:04 EDT 1996

There must be an easier way to prune trees so they don't need so much
pruning every year.  Anyone have any ideas.  the nut trees are easy they
drop their fruit.  I don't know what to do with the
peaches,plums,cherimoya,etc. all seem to need heavy pruning to get good
fruit.  Every year the job gets harder and I get older.  If I do not prune
the trees the fruit seems to move father and father away and the tree
becomes a tangle mess. I'm looking to grow a subtropical forest, so what
will happen if I just quit pruning? Low maintenance and high productivity is
a common goal in permaculture so I want to nail this pruning thing down. Help!
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Sals at
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