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Michael Yount yount at
Mon Feb 19 13:51:30 EST 1996


The variety of leucaena we're planting is called a 
"golden ball lead tree" and is supposedly native
to Texas, although it may have been introduced from
Mexico some time ago.

A quick search of the Internet revealed some 
information at
on the use of Leucaenas.  At this point, I know little
about them except that they're leguminous and nitrogen-fixing.
I'll let you know if my investigations reveal anything more.

Thanks for asking,

yount at

 :}Hi! I have been trying to find out where Leucaenas originate. 
 :}I have a friend here in South Africa who claims that they are the
 :}new wonder tree, But I'm a bit wary of wonder trees in our 
 :}sensitive fynbos ecology. The so-called wonder trees imported
 :}from Australia in the 1800's have displaced large tracts of our 
 :}indigenous flora. I can find no mention af leucaenas in any of 
 :}my tree books. Can you possibly help?
 :}Terry Wesselink
 :}Cape Town
 :}e-mail martinp at

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