Thilo Pfennig Thilo.Pfennig at
Fri Feb 2 17:06:52 EST 1996

I created a hierarchie supporting espects of the idea of "one world" called
the One World Net. In that I set up a newsgroup
(whereby eco means ecology as well as economy). The rules for own.* are the
same as for all alternative hierarchies. here is a list:

own.answers             FAQS,etc. <thilo at> (Moderated)
own.buddhism            Buddha, Dharma, Sangha            Local Exchange Trading Systems    Permanent (Agri)culture
own.general             general discussion about the "One World Net" essential oils,etc. Dr.Edward Bachs Flower        Herbs from A-Z  Samuel Hahnemann's System         this and that        Dr.Usui's System               rythms & rhymes
own.natives             native people       Announces <thilo at> (Moderated)         talk about newsgroups
own.rainbow             The Rainbow Family                need a good talker?
own.tibet.misc          about the country Tibet
own.tibet.wtn           World Tibet News <wtn-editors at>

As you see, there is also a group for local exchange trading systems. I
hope we can get this thing going! The newsserver at "" will
distribute it publically. Please help yourself!

BTW: I also informed the man behind tale at He replied:

>Honestly, except for the Tibet issue, I think it is not really
>contributing anything.  It is duplicative with some existing groups
>and where it isn't there is no reason those groups can't be created
>in the mainstream hierarchies, where they would be available to more
>Nonetheless, I have noted the moderator addresses.

I think he might be right, if our goal would be the biggest availability.
But I think this net could stand for an integration of very different
technics and thinkings in order to create a sustainable world.

For instance I know a paper of a reiki-foundation in germany that wants to
support permaculture and other things, which they think might guarantee ,
that we could have a future.

See also: (that
should be updated, I gave up the idea to restrict own to german-speaking
people/communities) Please contribute!

Thilo.Pfennig at ,Tel.0431/92451,24116 Kiel, Goethestr.3

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