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>I was thinking of forming alt.agriculture.permaculture as part of the
>alt.agriculture.* (misc, fruit, alt.sustainable.agriculture)
>"heirarchy". If someone will write a statement of purpose I will
>post this to alt.config and other groups for discussion then ask my
>newsadmin to form and propagate this new newsgroup.

I thaught about something like this:
(reformat it how you like it best)

We want to start a new newsgroup for Permaculture

What is permaculture?

        The word "permaculture" was coined in 1978 by Bill Mollison, an
        Australian ecologist, and his student, David Holmgren. It is a
        contraction of "permanent agriculture" or "permanent culture."

        Permaculture is about designing ecological human habitats and
        food production systems. It is an approach to land use which
        integrates human dwellings, microclimate, annual and perennial
        plants, animals, soils, and water management into stable,
        productive communities.

        A central theme in permaculture is the design of ecological
        landscapes that produce food. Emphasis is placed on multi-use
        plants and the integration of animals to recycle nutrients and
        graze weeds. However, permaculture entails much more than just
        food production. Permaculture design concepts are being applied
        in urban as well as rural settings, and are applicable to single
        households or whole farms and villages.

        "Integrated farming" and "ecological engineering" are terms
        sometimes used to describe permaculture. Though helpful, these
        terms do not capture the holistic nature of permaculture and
        thus the following definitions are included to provide insight.

(from The Permaculture FAQ by Steve Diver, <URL:mailto:steved at>)

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