Mollison and animal guilds

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I think paul - my partner I was a teenager, would call me - a fiery mix
of all seasons!!!

I found Mollison exactly what I expected - most people tread very gingerly
around the edges with him, but I didn't.
All the women were throwing themselves at him, I said to him I didn't
think that being a guru would be much fun for a female and he said - April
we could find you losts of beautiful black men - 
the fact is the guy loves to shock people - and yes I must admit that did
shock me - that one.

I asked mollison about animal guilds - because I am fairly familiar with plant
guilds and plant-animal relationships,
he told a story [his parable I guess]  about how he was cutting up about 30
tiger snakes in the laboratory of the main research body here in Australia CSIRO -
he found an enormous tape worm wound through the gut, around ribs, the full
length of this snake,  so he carefull cut it out, coiled it up and picked it up
to show his supervisor, as he was walking along the worm seemed to be getting
shorter, as he got to the supervisor his hand was empty.
His supervisor didn't believe Mollison and so as he too was cutting a snake
he found a tape worm, cut it out and decided to ask Mollison if this was the one
he had found.  He too carried it to the next room and they both tried to grab it from 
slipping into the supervisors palm - to no avail, they watched the end go through the skin
after the rest of it.
I think the women that had been throwing themselves at him earlier, felt a little uneasy.

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Mollison cryptic? Hmmm, I've heard him called all sorts of names. Now I shall
need to ponder "cryptic," in reference to this paradoxical gentleman.

Up in these parts of the planet, April is springtime so I have a vast panoply
of wonderful associations with April--which, I realize, is autumn in your
world. I guess I would hold for your dilemma as opening more than closing
your creations.


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