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Wed Aug 28 14:39:28 EDT 1996


After an extended trip to the Philippines and also based on previous time in
so-called Third, Fourth and South worlds; I am ever more convinced that the
planetary crises induced by human behavior are beyond "solutions" on any
level other than spiritual. It looks like the avalanches of desire,
fabricated needs and consumption mania will continue until there is nothing
left. The fortress mentalities which rule the paranoic lives of the wealthy
mean armed guards at every door and bodyguard platoons as status symbols. 

I am delighted that here and there little sparks come up now and then: the
growth of cooperatives in the Philippines is an example. Permaculture
villages (real and virtual), these List Servs, the emerging communications
vehicles of internet and web sites, to my mind, are very positive channels. 

Permaculture itself is in controvention to Genesis. Until Genesis is
repealed, superceded, consigned to historical curiosity; I don't really see
any longer term hope among Christians (and Jews and probably
Islamacists)--the monotheists who look to the cultural creations of the
mid-east from Zoroaster forward (sorry all you wonderful Jains among the
readers of this service) which assert human domination over planet and
species--in theory or in practice.

I see April as having raised important issues which have stimulated
discussion. I see discussion as a critical element in permaculture. Dan
Hemenway's recent postings about design/planning/implementation and actions
defining actors stand out. 

More discussion and more inclusion of spiritual dimensions--without
prosyletizing--suits me just fine. I don't care what religions or spiritual
traditions one might access, I do care that they incorporate a visceral
knowledge of our inter-relationships with all sentience.

Milo Clark

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