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Wed Aug 28 14:04:18 EDT 1996

i am about to start my second year in college at american university 
majoring in a major that has nothing to do with ecology.  anyway, i've 
been reading about permaculture and it all sounds so very interesting.  
however, i'm not even going to be able to come into any land to begin 
working on for at least a couple of years (my dad is moving-he found some 
 cheap land somewhere, and lots of it)
the point is: until then, what can i read/do now?  what should i be 
familiar with before i take a permaculture course?  do i have to use 
animals?  if so, do i have to kill them? (i'm vegetarian, i dont look 
forward to having to kill the animals)
thank you very much for any advice you can provide i appreciate it.  
email me at fg4840a at
peace forbes
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