Privacy, Peace and Permaculture Promotion

April Sampson-Kelly askpv at
Tue Aug 27 22:50:33 EDT 1996

On the whole, I have been really heartened by the depth of 
understanding by most of the respondents
to my search for others with experience of loss of 
peace in the field of permaculture promotion
[Obviously some people have not yet understood that
permaculture is about culture and not a series of gardening
tips - this resulted in some rude messages about my filling
cyberspace with personal dilema's!!!  They have threatened to
leave the mailing list - what luck.]
To the rest of ye who understand the culture that 
Permaculture is forging, who know the joys and challenge of
living closer to nature and to dare to brave the institutions of
present society - I have decided to develop a new structure that
facilitates demonstration and at the same time works with
our own nature as a family.  In the same way we work the natural
energies on a site - I must work with our own nature if the promotion
of permaculture here is to be sustainable.
One letter struck a chord quickly,- I realised that I wish 
to be able to nod hello to those who pass by 
without having to explain the garden, 
I wish that our work was more the norm, and so, without becoming
curt or charging people fees I shall offer open days with my students
running the show.  
I have decided also on Sundays and days of most likely inudation - 
to hide in the back garden - wetlands- 
 which is full of snakes that scare of most people
I shall develop demonstration by books and photos rather than
ongoing face-to-face as this is what I like most anyway.
I shall avoid putting up a sign as this may attract even more visitors
and Ken Yeomans scared me with his experience of regular 
onslaughts of busloads of people.
Up until now I haven't felt that there was much to see
here but as I venture into the realms of permaculture I forget what 
I so recently didn't know - I'm slipping out mainstream.  Not a problem for
me - could be a problem for mainstream!! :>
I know now why Mollison is so cryptic - he's tied of straight out answers.
Leisure Coast Permaculture Visions
Mt Kembla Australia
Where's that?  :>

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