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Simon Henderson simonh at
Sat Aug 24 14:22:31 EDT 1996

Friends of Permaculture...

Simon Henderson and his fellows in Bamboo People, Daphne Lewis and Stuart
Brune are hosting an open house at our Bamboo Research Station at Coyote
Ranch near Stanwood, WA, USA Sunday, September 8th, 1996; 10:00a.m. TO
5:30Pp.m. It is our one-year celebration.

Nothing like this has ever been done to this extent. Yes; we stand on the
shoulders of giants. We are giants in that we have put our money where our
ideology and commmittment is. Come see bamboo woven into the web of
agroforestry and vision.

Meet bambusero farmers, musicians, poets and craftspeople

Come feast, work and celebrate with us...It's it should be....

Simon Henderson
30816 3rd Ave. N.E.
Stanwood, WA 98292
Phone:(360) 626-6160
Email: simonh at
Website: http//

Simon Henderson
Bamboo People

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