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Thilo Pfennig Thilo.Pfennig at
Fri Aug 23 06:44:10 EDT 1996

>leaflet on the discussion list. I too am interested in what software
>is suitable for design work (for use on a Mac).

Me too on Mac. :-)

I know that Sunsite has an FTP-Archive with some programs on it. I tested
some with my DOS-emulator (SoftPC) and they worked nicely. But they did not
fit in the european temperate climate. :-( Also they were not that usefull.

Maybe you should not look for specialised pc-software - look for
landscaping-software. I could imagine how it looks. Think of a CAD-Program
with special-landscaping tools and data of growing plants. I saw something
similar as a Windows-CD-ROM (only 10 US-Dollars, I think that can not be a
good software?)

>My use of software is to do mainly with permaculture journal
>production, for community association activities and permaculture in
>schools projects. For that I use Pagemaker 6, Microsoft Word
>(sparingly), Filemaker Pro (database). I think Claris Impact could be

What about a public available Filemaker-data-base. I do not use Filemaker
yet, but I'd like to. If there would be a pc-data-base this would be a very
argument pro Filemaker. BTW: Filemaker now is available for Windows, too.

On the opther hand: So,me work with SGML could do a fine job, too. But I am
not experienced in this, yet.

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