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Forum: Is there a role for indigenous permaculture?
   -  Integrating the goals and principles of  -
   -  ecological restoration and permaculture  -

10am - 4pm, Sunday 25 August 1996
Princes Hill Secondary College
Arnold St, North Carlton, Melbourne, Australia
$35 / $12 members of supporting organisations
Lunch and afternoon tea provided

A number of excellent speakers, including David Holmgren, who co-founded
Permaculture with Bill Mollison, will present case studies and workshops on
urban and rural issues covering topics like invasive plants, bush foods,
local government policies, biodiversity, land restoration.

Contact Greening Australia for bookings and information: Tel. 9457 3024

For more information on Permaculture in Melbourne, join us: $20/$10 conc
  Permaculture Melbourne
  6 Derby St, KEW 3101
  tel: 9853 6828

Supporting organisations:
  Greening Australia
  Environs Australia
  Permaculture Melbourne
  Indigenous Flora and Fauna Association
  Melbourne Parks and Waterways
  Department of Natural Resources

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