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Wed Aug 21 08:39:11 EDT 1996

Martha Hills wrote:
> Hi folks,
> This is my first messge, having subscribed just this morning.
> I'm compiling a leaflet on permaculture and computers (or should
> I call it PC and PCs?).  Have found lots of info on web sites,
> gophers, mail lists.  Now I'd like to get some info on what
> (types of) software you use for storing information or designing
> projects.
> Thanks for any help.
> Onward, Martha

Hi Martha...

...This is not an answer to your request for information about PC's 
for Pc, rather a question to do with whether you will publish your 
leaflet on the discussion list. I too am interested in what software 
is suitable for design work (for use on a Mac). 

The only specifically permaculture software I have come across I no 
longer have the contact details for. One was some sort of design tool 
and plant list produced by somebody called Ninja Designs in Victoria 
(Australia). Comments I received from a person who used a demo of the 
program were that it was of dubious value - I don't know what he 
actually meant by that comment.

The only other specifically permaculture software that I know in 
preparation was to come out of the UK. I saw a brief report on it in 
Permanent Publications "Permaculture Solutions" magazine about 18 
months ago. Thay are online and have a web site. Contact Maddy 

My use of software is to do mainly with permaculture journal 
production, for community association activities and permaculture in 
schools projects. For that I use Pagemaker 6, Microsoft Word 
(sparingly), Filemaker Pro (database). I think Claris Impact could be 
useful in permaculture project planning as it can do gannt charts 
(timelines) and other planning graphics. Inspiration is useful in 
publications and for student notes as it provides the opportunity to 
graphically represent information rather than produce it in text - it 
does mindmap-type diagrams.

Sorry I can't be of more use but I would like to learn the results of 
your work.


...Russ Grayson
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