Privacy, Peace and Permaculture Promotion

April Sampson-Kelly askpv at
Tue Aug 20 17:45:02 EDT 1996

Thank you for replying,You posed the question Why not grow from being a fan into
 and fantastic activist Colin??
Well thats a very good question.I just went and pulled Permaculture 1 from
the bookshelf and to my shock/horror the date inside Feb 84.And the only
thing I hhave done is set up a Productive apiary.
The single biggest problem I face Is lack of money. I have to make some
drastic changes myself
I am interested to know how many responses your enquiry elicited
Regards Colin Morton
Well an aviary is quite a lot more than many of us started out with, Is it planted inside
with things that require protection from larger birds?  Have you covered the structure
with vines?  does the Birds water come off the structure?  Do you use the manure?
Do you grow their seed?  Do you grow worms for the birds too?  Have you put some
egg layer in there for yummy breakfast E.g. Hens, bantams, Quail?

It could be loads of fun,

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