Past experience with too many visitors.

April Sampson-Kelly askpv at
Tue Aug 20 17:44:30 EDT 1996

WOW what an honour - The Keyline family!!!
Thankyou for your response, I do feel ungrateful as I realise that
I do learn from each visitor even if they say nothing!! I look at the 
site anew and see little things each time. 
I am honoured by your assistance and had no idea there was a home page
for Keyline,
I will add it to our home page
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Subject: 	Past experience with too many visitors.

Dear April Sampson-Kelly,

Back in the 1950's on the original Keyline properties at North Richmond NSW
we had a similar problem.  We solved it by allowing visitors to our regular
farm walks on a Sunday afternoon only. That way all the buses (as it turned
out) then arrived at a suitable time and our work force could get on with
the job.
Bus loads frighten me - I am sure I won't be as intriguing as your line.

A welcoming notice on the gate defining times when visitors will be
welcomed would help.  

I wish you all the best, you may like to check out the Keyline Designs web


Ken Yeomans

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