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Hello International Permaculture People!

I have been away from lurking for a long time and miss getting
Permaculture discussions and announcements occaisionally.

Here is my two bits below.  Permaculture in the Pacific North West of
North America is alive and mulching.  This area includes British
Columbia (Canada) Washingtion State, Oregon, Utah (USA). We had
representatives from California.

There is much more news than annouced...ask me for details.  Some new
web sites will be sprining up soon.  Friends of the Trees site is

Harold Waldock  B.Sc.
hwaldock at

The Edible Gardeners: Elegant solutions for Ecological living.
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Hello Greening Friends:

I am just back from Arlington WA, where I stayed at Prag Tree Farm.
This is the place where Seattle Tilth was formed, Binda Colebrook
researched and wrote her book and where a wild salad business was
developed in the early 80's by Mark Musak.

The new collective that Evergreen land Trust  welcomed to the site is
called Where Art Is Living.  They are undergoing a startup phase.

The Permaculture Rendevous  was successful.  80 participants.  All kinds
of big names: Ianto Evans, Micheal Pilarski, Mark Musak, Larry Santoyo,
Simon Henderson, Toby Hemenway,  Penny Livingston...
Many of these people have been activists and designers for 15 years.
Larry and Penny (and her husband ) are into multi million design
projects, and fully integrated with Community Economic Development work.
There is now a Permaculture Institute in Reays California.

2 days of workshops songs dances, slide shows, talk hands on workshops
camping and talking.   This Pacific Northwest Permaculture Rendevous is
an annual event most recently, and used to be a the Bullock Brothers
Farm on Orcas Island.

The other event that was interesting was that the Seattle Permaculture
Implementation Guild has formally associated itself with Seattle Tilth
so that logistical support could be provided.

I think that VPN could learn from this experience and I am going to
propose this  to FFCF  more formally when I can learn what comittments are
required.  What do people think?    Please think of one or two proposals
that might work for both parties.  VPN really needs to get newsletters
out and have a phone that people can call and an address people can
write.  (I seem to have no fixed address...Shiobhan having a
baby...etc etc.)

More Good news:   The ffcf-l listserver is up and running and will be
supported.  Tell your friends about it.  the permanw-l  permaculture
north west listserver is also up.  Expect more messages.  Send a message
with subscribe to ffcf-l at or permanw-l at
in the subject line or unsubscribe if you have too much mail.

This message may be edited and appear at in a newsletter soon...

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Harold Waldock

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