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	As founding co-director of Texas' first incorporated non-profit
permacultre institute (Cross Timbers Permaculture Institute -- -- some interesting links on, I know  well how you feel. In my case, I worked with
a very extroverted individual (Kirby Fry -- 72530.1353 at --  his
more introverted wife, Inger Myrhe, a quietly brilliant and engaging person, may
have some ideas for you or at least be able to commisserate). Being quite a
hermit myself, visitors were very hard on me. Whereas Kirby's extroversion
allowed him to be energetically recharged by visitors, I would be drained and
needed more recovery time than I actually ever got. When I told Kirby I needed a
place farther away from all the people, he pointed to a spot about 50 meters
away, in plain sight. I said, "you don't understand, if someone comes to my
house, I want them to have to have TRIED to get there".

	 Perhaps there is a more outgoing person who can take over visitors and
you can just do as I always did and try to look inconspicuous -- like the kid in
the back of the classroom who's hoping the teacher doesn't ask her a question? I
feel a vital part of any public place is enough people with the required
abilities and "personal bents". Many activists are like myself, and perhaps
yourself, wanting to move into the world and accomplish something meaningful and
finding that this requires violating the personal privacy many eclectic
individuals or "social outcasts" have come to appreciate. 
Well I am gregarious (that's my good side of course!!) and I have lived in public spaces
my parents were active in politics and can mix well with a wide range of people -
the thing is - I don't want to change and so I bring out the welcome grin - and I'm
getting burnt out maybe,  I want to find a harmonious, comfortable medium of
exchange here - I don't want to find myself running away from my own site. 

	I suppose jrhall's idea of just turning people away could work for some,
not for others. Short of that, maybe a small interpretive brochure, Yeah - I realise
this would save a lot of talk - or would fill in all the gaps -  I realise less and less
each day what the average person dooesn't SEE and doesn't KNOW!!
a trail with
numbered posts, a list of hours for guided tours, and a fee for both, maybe $2 -
$5 (I don't know how y'all write your money symbols?) how sweet - 
I know some people aren't sure we are speaking English either!!  We speak slowly
but we don't think slowly!!
 for self-guided and $8 -
$10 for guided tours? Oh, well, just felt for you and your predicament, I know
how you feel. You might send Kirb or Inger a note and see what they have to
offer,  good luck with all,  Jack Rowe, Texas, US (30  N Lat.).

P.S. Yep, I believe you are right, permaculture and culture in general are
evolving systems. Create your own realities and run with them -- just remember,
Thanks for your time - April

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