Privacy, Peace and Permaculture Promotion

April Sampson-Kelly askpv at
Mon Aug 19 11:56:38 EDT 1996

Hi  April
I am in a similar Boat I run a small Blacksmiths forge and the whole world
loves to wander in to have a look.
I used to let this happen until I read the book (temporarily forgotton the
title)about the couple who built and flew the nonstop aircraft" Voyager"
around the world. In the book Ms Jaeger relates the same problem of
interested well wishers and how they stated that every new visitor was
allowed 5minutes to hear of the planes contruction progress and then If
they wanted to hear more they where expected to pitch in and help. 
It soon helps dampen the timewasters enthusiasm when they are asked to
sweep a floor etc.
This may sound a little mercinary and it can be rather difficult to say
these things to enthusiastic people but you have to eat.
The other suggestion that I have is (and I have thought ofdoing 
similarly) is putting up a sign saying  visitors welcome On a certain time
Ie two hours on Sat or guided tours Between say 3 -5 $10.00 each . David
Holmgren  charges $40 a visit I'm told.  I'd like not a turn people away -on the grounds
of not being able to afford a visit, also  I get greatest satisfaction from 
the aspect of permaculture where we empower people to take better control of
their needs and seek more earth friendly supplies.
conducting tours is fine if I want to do that for the rest of my life - I am convinced now that
even selling the surplus fruit is not what I come to earth for - picking thousands of fruit
in summer is tedious, potting up plants year after year  kills your back.  I'll stick to
sharing the fruit with helpers I think.  and then I don't have to pray for a good harvest to
maintain reliable supply.

recently someone even suggested I could earn good money 
with high quality garden based childcare!! WOW
1.  as if I can't earn good money with my profession
 (women with small children 
are often mistaken for morons I think) 
2.  as though I should be compelled to sell everything I can do lovingly!!!
3.  I don't believe that everything has a price/monetary value.
4.  People's expectations change when they start paying money.

I agree tours for a fee is sensible as it helps restrict the numer of tours per
enquiror but I have a problem already steming from turning a hobby into a
small successful business,  I need less MONEY and more quality time.
believe that if you advertise your need for privacy and be firm in
enforcing it you should be OK
Let me know how you get on
COLIN MORTON. Permaculture fan
Thank you Colin - you have helped me formulate ideas and hope you don't
think me rude in relating my recent experiences of people a lot less understanding
than you and others on the mailing list.

Why not grow from being a fan into and fantastic activist Colin??

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