Privacy, Peace and Permaculture Promotion

April Sampson-Kelly askpv at
Mon Aug 19 11:28:40 EDT 1996

I think I'll ask the universe for more sites like mine and then I will become
commonplace, happy and the whole worlds peoples richer!!
the amazing thing is - I DONT advertise the site - not yet anyway!!
I need get a system but I hate being locked in to systems.

From: 	carmela leone[SMTP:cleone at]
Sent: 	Tuesday, 13 August 1996 19:10
To: 	April Sampson-Kelly
Subject: 	Re: Privacy, Peace and Permaculture Promotion

Poor April!  It must be a very cool place you have!  I might pop in one day!
(just kidding - although I will pop in ONE day...)

My place is not as big or as well advertised as yours!  I am fairly private
too and I give off the vibe that makes people feel like they are intruding -
this is when I don't want them to visit me, that is...  Otherwise, I'm
generous like you, but as I said, not as well advertised...  

Ask the Universe for more time to do the things you have to do!

Good luck and Blessings

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