Privacy, Peace and Permaculture Promotion

April Sampson-Kelly askpv at
Mon Aug 19 11:36:49 EDT 1996

	I spent a few years working as a period gardener at a historic 
site, and understand the distractions you are experiencing.  Part of my job 
involved interpretation (basically tours).  I found that a simple "hello" 
So true - so true - I always say hello to people - We always nod to people passing, 
and NOW I know I'm behaving like a city person - hiding my face - fearful that a raving
lunatic my pass - in the cities you're treated like a raving lunatic when you say
hello to strangers!!!  so True - thank you!
was plenty for most visitors, as they often preferred to muck about on 
their own -- if they had questions or displayed any confusion I'd spend as 
much time with them as they wanted, otherwise I'd continue with my work.  I 
think those visiting your site will have some understanding of 
permaculture, and will perhaps not need much explained -- they may offer 
helpful suggestions, too!

Well permaculture is huge field - and eternally complex - I'll never know enough.
I think you're advantage is that you were working in a public space so people felt
free to wander and quietly absorb.
I'll try to incorporate that in my system I think.
When kids ask to come and explore the back part which is wild - I say fine, just look out for 
snakes I call as they start mucking about, and the're off like rockets!!!
Regards, j
Thankyou, April

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