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Dear Warwick, 
		could you please tell me where was the community garden  
in question? 

Emanuele J Gelsi

On Sun, 18 Aug 1996, Warwick Rowell wrote:

> Look carefully at the area, its population, and their characteristics.> 
> I ran a community garden for three years which had over 200 flats and 
> units within three minutes walking distance of the garden, and never 
> had more than twelve people involved, which dwindled rapidly to a 
> average three or four.  
> It is now just about rampant, as the present person in charge also
> has a small house block and two kids to attend to, and the local 
> primary school now has its own garden and a massive rebeautification 
> program for its P&C after a major building program.

> This inner city suburb was/is discovering the delights of the cafe 
> life-style, with capaccinos and croissants, rather than organic veg
> you've grown yourself, and birds picking your hair for their nests!
> So, doing it again, I would 
> 1. 	Go for the NEED. 
> Look for the people older, or disabled in some way, who have a 
> garden, a fruit tree, a lawn they can no longer maintain, and build 
> community around helping them while sharing the produce. 
> 2. 	Do a neighbourhood inventory.
> Particularly in the older suburbs, there will be things like lemons, 
> figs, mulberries, oranges, mandarins, almost going to waste.. You could
> well find some heirloom varieties that you could propogate.
> Policy? 
> Since when you could make policy for motivation, awareness and interest?
> The policy is to get out of the way of people taking charge of themselves.
> Warwick    
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> please?
> Wx 
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