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Is there anybody out there with experience in implementing 
permaculture projects in schools?

If so, we would like to hear from you and learn about your 

There are several schools with permaculture gardens in Sydney and a 
substantial number around Australia.

On October 8 this year, the day after the end of the Permaculture 
International Convergence in Perth, Western Australia, there is a 
one-day workshop on permaculture in schools. 

As a lead up to the workshop, I have been circulating a survey form 
designed to glean what is being practiced as permaculture in schools, 
what is working, where there are problems and what solutions designers 
have developed to these problems. 

Let's know if you would like to fill out a survey and I can post 
(mail) a copy to you or email it as an attachment (you'll need 
Pagemaker 6 for Mac to read it as an attachment).

We recently started work with two Sydney schools which want 
permaculture projects. 

These projects involve more than installing sheet mulched gardens. 
They attempt to integrate permaculture into the life of the school - 
into the curricula of different subject areas.This has been done in 
other states in Australia.

Headteachers and some staff are enthusiastic. Dr Ted Trainer, who 
lectures at the University of NSW, is supportive and instigated the 
Hurstville South primary project. He has trainee teachers at the 

A coalition of permaculture designers - people who, for the most part, 
have completed our permaculture design courses in Sydney -  and who 
live in areas near the schools have banded together to assist the 
project and to further develop their own skills.

Included in the projects will be food production, energy auditing and 
conservation, water conservation and so on.

In related news, Fiona Campbell and myself - Russ Grayson - both of 
Permaculture Extension Service, Angus Campbell (Institute for Local 
Self reliance) and Mary Bell (Australian Museum educator) are working 
on a small book on permaculture in schools for NSW-based environmental 
education publisher, the Gould League. That should be ready in the 
first half of 1997.

We really would like to hear from people who have experience 
implementing permaculture in schools and in participative design with 
school staff, parents and people from the community. Any advice would 
be gratefully received.

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