Permaculture Principles

April Sampson-Kelly askpv at
Mon Aug 12 11:42:35 EDT 1996

Does each instructor have his/her own set of principles that are passed on to
I suspect that as teachers themselves were taught by different people - and few 
from Mollison - even then  he tires of reiteration and will wander in his teachings- 
I think that there is bandied about a collection of principles that is personalised 
by each teachers experience.
Are there principles that we all hold in common?
Few people would reject other peoples permaculture principles if they sat under
the ethics criteria.  SHARE CARE CARE stuff.
We cannot expect that permaculture will have a set collection of principles
either because it is designed for observation to be a very powerful tool - and
with observation comes laws - does it not.
Permaculture is evolving - it will always have new principles.  Just as natural systems
evolve and are different according to climate and other factors.
Does a statement of principles in fact serve to define permaculture itself?
Permaculture is best defined in the act of doing, not talking - should we assume
that everything we do can be explained and documented and talked about.
There is a text file attached that goes into more detail about the topic for
those who may be interested in this sort of 'defining' activity. 
thankyou for the file.
I've been flat out with students, hope this receives you well and happy,
Dan Earle

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