Privacy, Peace and Permaculture Promotion

April Sampson-Kelly askpv at
Mon Aug 12 11:23:55 EDT 1996

Is there anyone else who suffers from our dilema?
We have a demonstration site that we are developing and
share many of the ups and downs with our students - Most
live far away and unfortunately for them haven't seen the site
- it is not complete and most will be for ever evolving
The dilema is that people are so enthused by our work
 they visit us regularly - I feel compelled to give them a tour and
chat and I just can't get anything done.
I'm getting to the point where I am afraid to go into the garden
in case some one sees me, and wants to talk permaculture!!
I like to be generous - that's why I like permaculture
I like the sharing side of this way of life.
I thought of running an open day but I don't feel ready - and anyway
that might just attract MORE sightseers on the off days.
I realise there is a shortage of permaculture sites - but permaculture
isn't a collective business - or some kind of religion - for me
it is about modifying our behaviour until is seems a normal way of life.
And being a spectacle isn't part of normal for me. 
Any suggestions - any one else in the same boat?

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