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The Australian City farms, Community Gardens and Enterprise Centres 
Network has been formed and has published an inventory of centres in 

The inventory will be updated regularly.

The network will maintain communication with members so we can share 
information and learn from each other and will supply advice and 
assistance to new community supported agriculture initiatives.

The inventory sells for AUD$20, posted within Australia and AUD$25 
posted offshore.

In other developments, the Australian Rainforest Bushfood Association 
was recently formed to promote the interests of the emerging bushfood 
growing and processing industry.

The industry is embryonic ‹ markets are as yet small but growth into a 
viable niche market is anticipated. Specialty restaurants and hotels 
are the main buyers at present.

There is an emerging awareness among both the public and farmers of 
the potential for Australian bushfoods as a commercial proposition. 
There is also a number of new extracted oils which would be of value 
as well ‹ such as the strongly lemon oil of Backhousia citriodora. 

The best known Australian bushfoods are the medicinal tea tree oil 
(Malaleuca alternifolia) and the Macadamia (Macadamia spp) nut, which 
the north Americans sped off to Hawaii earlier in the century and 
developed as a commercial food product but which is now plantation 
grown in the Australian east coast subtropics.

Anybody coming to this part of the world in late September ‹ early 
October might want to visit Western Australia for the Sixth 
International Permaculture Convergence. Speakers include George Chan 
(George Chan the biogas man) who has done much to develop energy/ food 
systems in developing tropical countries and Vendana Shiva, the noted 
Indian social activist. The best part of the convergence are the 
workshops and the contacts you make.

Finally, does anyone have any information on a plant, an edible tuber 
and member of the sunflower family which goes by the common names of 
yacon or Peruvian ground apple?

It's of South American origin.

I was given some to grow. Well, its grown and has now died back and, 
presumably, is ready to harvest. I wonder if there is any information 
about its traditional uses, any recipies ‹ traditional or otherwise ‹ 
and any precautions to be taken with the plant.

There's another plant I've grown as an experiment ‹ the so-called 
Peruvian artichoke (whixch is not an artichoke). That's doing quite 
well in warm temperate Sydney in nutrient-poor, sandy soil, heavily 
mulched and growing in close association with taro.

Any information gratefully received.


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