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On Fri, 2 Aug 1996 blissv at wrote:

> continuing drought. We appreciate the water gathering formulas some of you
> have shared. 

Could you repost a summary of this info?
> felt the soil mix was satisfactory.  Does anyone have a good soil mix for
> soil-blockers?  Along with this inquiry goes the question of a good organic
> fertilizer mixture that can be added to the soil in a particular ratio for
> seedlings to get off to a good start?  Understand that Elliot Coleman has a
> book out with suggestions of mixes.  Does anyone know this book?

Here it is:
from the "New Organic Grower" 1989, by Eliot Coleman
Chelsea Green Pub. Vo.
P.O. Box 130
Post Mills, Vermont, 05058

I highly recommend this book _and_ "How To Grow More Vegetables" by Jphn 
Jeavons, 10 Speed Press

Pages 136-137

Blocking Mix Recipe

2 buckets black peat
1/2 cup lime. MIX
2 buckets coarse sand
2 buckets brown peat
3 cups base fertilizer *, MIX
1 bucket soil
1 bucket compost
 Mix all ingredients together thoroughly

Mini-Block Recipe

16 parts brown peat
1/2 part colloidal phosphate
1/2 part greensand
4 parts cpmpost (well decomposed)

* his recommendation for fertilizer for the garden is:
limestone rock (for pH adjustment - use as needed)
Greensand Marl (New Jersey Greensand) - potash and minerals
Rock Phosphate or Colloidal Phosphate
Rock Powders or rock dusts, available from rock quarries - supplies minerals
Micronutrients should be available in sufficient quantities with
careful pH monitoring and application of rock powders and compost

> Loved the suggestion of a mailing list based on VISIONING.  This is
> certainly what we need to create within ourselves and *when two or more are
> gathered*
> we know that very powerful and special things can happen.  So, YES, lets
> create, build, vision and HOLD the future how we know it can be.

This would be a wonderful list to have - hope it gets started.

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