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Institute For Bioregional Studies

This summer learn practical skills and knowledge 
to design and implement sustainable systems 
that are in harmony with the natural world.

Permaculture Design Course  August 4-17
(at the Spry Point Ark, formerly the New Alchemy Institute)
Permaculture is about self-reliance, growing food, and building 
energy-efficient structures. The PDC teaches the principles by 
which sustainable systems become responsive to economic, social 
and environmental elements. Graduates will be certified as 
'Permaculture Designers' and will be entitled to use the term 
in the pursuit of livelihood.
Permaculture Instructors: 
Dr. John Todd and Nancy Jack Todd, Monica Kuhn, Phil Ferraro, 
Garry Lean, Dr. Dan Earle and others.

Eco-Cities Design Colloquia: 
Building Sustainable Communities
August 18-21 Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

The Challenge
Cities have become global environmental parasites; processing 
food, fuel, energy and consuming resources well beyond their 
boundaries. In the 21st century, cities must function in very 
different ways or they will undermine their own survival and 
that of their inhabitants.

Action Plan
An outstanding group of internationally known facilitators will 
work with participants to develop a model eco-city along the 
Charlotetown waterfront. The new plans will budget our 
resources, conserve energy, utilize renewable energy 
technologies, build long lasting structures, develop efficient 
public transportation, reduce and recycle wastes and supply 
staple foods locally.

Affordable Housing / Straw-bale Construction Workshop
August 25-27
This hands-on workshop wil explain the mechanics of building 
with straw-bales and designing a home for energy efficiency.

For More Information contact: Institute for Bioregional Studies
email: pferraro at cycor.ca
Mail: 449 University Avenue, Suite 126 
Charlottetown, PE C1A 8K3   (Send $2 for brochure)
Phone: (902) 892-9578

Phil Ferraro, Director
Institute for Bioregional Studies
449 University Avenue Suite 126            "Developing Local Solutions to 
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island	    Global Problems"
Canada   C1A 8K3
(902) 892-9578

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