Looking for recent articles and books on urban household gardening...

Christabel Garcia-Zamor 6500cgz at ucsbuxa.ucsb.edu
Sat Apr 20 14:29:10 EDT 1996

I am a second year anthropology grad student at University of California, 
Santa Barbara, working under Dr. David Cleveland.  I am currently doing
a project on urban household gardening as a method of sustainable 
agriculture (and development) (and possibly of folk variety preservation.)  
Can anyone suggest any articles or books published 1990-present which address
 this issue from a sociocultural, economic and/or environmental perspective?
I also welcome any advice or discussion on the topic, as I am just 
getting started!

Thanks in advance.

Christabel Garcia-Zamor
6500cgz at ucsbuxa.ucsb.edu

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