creosote/sustainable lumber

Rachel Freifelder rrfreifelder at
Thu Apr 18 15:32:00 EDT 1996

My community (N Street Cohousing in Davis CA) recently built a new entry 
gate and used telephone poles for  the gate posts.  We needed something 
that could be buried 2' deep in sometimes waterlogged soil and not rot.  
We did not find them difficult to cut at all - I used a hand saw, and I 
am 5'2" and 120 lbs.  However, the reason we used a hand saw is because 
we thought the dust kicked up by a power saw (cfreosote-treated sawdust) 
might be hazardous to our lungs.  As far as burning easily, it rather 
depends on whether you're in a climate where that is a priomary concern.

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