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April Sampson-Kelly askpv at ozemail.com.au
Fri Apr 5 09:08:03 EST 1996

Hello all, I am in the midst of compiling information for a presentation at the conference in WA Sept, I have spent some time teaching on the net.  And building up a business that re-invests all its income in a demonstration system.  Plus we provide tuition fully funded to people in third world.  I give this preamble so that you don't avoid sharing input as you may with other businesses on the net.  All our business structure will be open to examination and so will our business ethics.

Would you like to contribute your ideas,  they will be fully recognised in our paper,  maybe you would like to just target areas for development.

Here's the senario, once you establish a permaculture village, people start to interact socially and economically.  People work for one another as well as for their own systems. Community banking, co-ops, dairies etc are dependent on shared wealth, and liable to play a major role in lifestyle of the community.

How should permaculure businesses or co-operatives operate, 
how should we apply the Care of the Earth (e.g. Environmental Management Standards) and 
Care of People (Managment, leadership) ethics in our Managment of the business systems.  
And just how should we address Share of Surplus (some use the term dispersal of surplus?)
Given that much of the global stressed are linked to inequal distribution of wealth, our businesses must be designed to be accountable.
What alternatives are there to sustain the business except planning for growth.  How can we gently shift the patterns of greed?

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