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When:  May 24-26, 1996
Where:  University of Hawaii at Hilo

Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Edward F. Anderson, "Nature's All-Purpose 
Provider"  Dr. Anderson's illustrated talk will show how bamboo totally 
pervades the lives of the hill tribes of Northern Thailand.  Anderson 
will demonstrate how bamboo is a crucial element in the everyday lives of 
the mountain people, providing not only nourishment for their bodies and 
souls, but serving in numerous ways that contribute to their overall 

Other Speakers:
Robert Tornello, Owner and President of Tornello Nursery which is the 
largest containerized bamboo source in the U.S.  He will speak on 
"Methods of Propagation" and "Bamboo as a Landscape Element."

Charupant Thongtham, A Director of the Royal Institute for Agricultural 
Development in Thailand.  He will speak on "Bamboo Farming Techniques:  
The Thai Example."

Simon Velez, Professor of Architecture at the Univ. of the Andes, Bogata 
Colombia, Velez is recognized for his innovative structures of "great 
beauty and boldness."  Velez has built more than 40 bamboo structures 
ranging from residential projects to shopping arcades.  Velez will 
demonstrate, through workshops, and presentations, various construction 
techniques.  He will discuss some of his largest structures including the 
clubhouse for a new 2,500 unit housing project which he designed in Colombia.

Oscar Hidalgo Lopez.  Director of the Centro Interamericano del 
bambu-CINBA, Hidalgo is also the famed author of numerous books on bamboo 
construction.  He is internationally known for his efforts to educate 
people about the multiple uses of bamboo in construction.  Hidalgo's 
works will be discussed in depth and he will also be conducting intensive 
workshops on construction and building after the conference.

Doug Lingen.  Known as the "Bamboosmith,"  Mr. Lingen will demonstrate 
bamboo joinery and construction techniques in his workshops and 

Dr. George Shor.  President American Bamboo Society & founding member of 
the Southern California ABS.  He will present the "Welcome Address" at 
the Opening Reception.

For More information, call 808 933-3555, FAX 808 933-3684 or e-mail 
<foxgolds at>

On Mon, 1 Apr 1996, Gib Cooper wrote:

> new book release--------->
> On June 24-25, 1994 one hundred bamboo professionals and enthusiasts
> gathered in Gold Beach, Oregon to focus on the future of the fledgling
> bamboo industry in the Pacific Northwest. The two days that followed were
> loaded with the intensity only "bambuseros" (a word coined for American
> bamboo lovers) can achieve when brought together in large groups to
> exchange knowledge. Those who attended gained new understanding about the
> process of developing bamboo as a agro-forestry crop for our region.
> The active group listened to a day of presentations by a series of
> speakers. The next day, a work session of bamboo specialists and interested
> people moderated by local host, Gib Cooper,  produced  a list of seven
> attainable goals for  developing the the bamboo industry in the Pacific
> Northwest. One of the goals was to compile the presentations and work
> session into a book.
> BAMBOO IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST is the result of Gib Cooper's editing seven
> manuscripts  and the work session. The book (and workshop) is the first in
> a series of attempts to organize and quantify the business of bamboo
> production, product development and marketing. The ninety pages discuss
> paper pulp development, bamboo history and ecology, bamboo on the farm,
> results of bamboo in permaculture plantings, timber bamboo pole production,
> and include an interesting article on developing a bamboo plantation in
> Vietnam. In addition to providing a summary of the workshop, the editor
> updates progress of the goals since 1994. Also included is a list of
> participating organizations and individuals.
> Sales of the book will aid in funding the 1997  Pacific Northwest Bamboo
> Agro-forestry Workshop scheduled for June 21-22, 1997 at Centralia College
> in Washington state. The workshop is actively supported by the Pacific
> Northwest Chapter of the American Bamboo Society (PNC-ABS).
> BAMBOO IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST is now available. To have a copy shipped to
> you in the USA send a check made out to PNC-ABS for $18. Mail the check to
> PNW Bamboo Workshop, 28446 Hunter Creek Loop, Gold Beach, OR 97444. Copies
> of the book can also be purchased for $15 at meetings and events of the
> PNC-ABS. Contact Dean Hines, 15211 -91st Ave. SE, Snohomish, WA 98290 for
> information about joining the society. Dues are $10 a year. The PNC-ABS is
> the largest regional chapter of the American Bamboo Society.
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