THE SOIL AND THE SEED - BF&G Association 1995 National Conference

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The 1995 Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Assoc. 1995 National Conference

WHEN: November 17-19, 1995

EVENT: The Soil And The Seed:  An Agenda for the Future
       The Bio-Dynamic Farming and Gardening Association 1995 National

WHERE:  La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Contact:                Charles Beedy, Director
                        The Bio-Dynamic Farming and Gardening Association
                        Post Office Box 550
                        Kimberton, PA, U.S.A 19442
                        FAX: 610.983.3196


How Can We Nourish the Kingdoms of Nature
and Foster Healthy Evolution in Soil, Plant,
Animal and Human?

It is likely that the theme for this conference has chosen us.
Increasing corporate and technological control in the seed industry
raises alarming questions about future (and present) access to the most
fundamental gentic pool of plant breeding and seed stock. Not only
access to, but the right to freely use, trade, give and grow seed.

In many cases the solutions offered us in this situation are vague at
best. We need to develop our own coherent strategy on how to ensure the
future continuity of Biodynamic Seed  -- and Soil.

The soil into which our seed is placed is obviously of no less
importance to us than the seed itself. The interplay and weaving be
tween these two create the plants upon which our nutrition is based.
Again, observing the treatment of the soil today as dirt raises serious
questions about the future of this living element that forms the basis
of agriculture and human development. We will present the importance of
the use of Biodynamic Preparations, Biodynamic Compost and Compost

In Biodynamics, the questions of seed and soil do not arise without an
even greater context. Biodynamics rests upon working with more than
good organic practices and the renewal of agriculture depends upon our
in creasing our understanding of true dynamic causative forces and in
our successful applications of this understanding.

Join us in Santa Fe as we explore what spiritual insight can bring to
good husbandry.

-- Charles Beedy


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