If you're not part of the solution (was PERMACULTURE WEBSPACE )

Ken McKinney ken at actech.com
Wed Oct 18 10:20:32 EDT 1995

> Rachel Frifelder said
> Second, why do you ascribe the saying "If you're not part of the
> solution, you're part of the problem" to Mollison?  I think it massively
> predates his debut in the public eye. 
> Mike Smith said..
> In relation to me ascribing the quote to Bill Mollison, my only defense is
> that I am not infalibile (far from it).  In the pre-Internet environment
> where many of us come from there is often a "chinese whispers" syndrome.
> I have heard so many other people ascribe the quote to Bill that I came to
> believe it and start to propagate it.  I will, in future, paraphrase the
> message in the quote and attribute it to myself unless I can find the correct
> person to attribute it to (if you know, that would be a great help).  After
> all it is the message in the quote that is the most important thing; the
> sense that abdicating your responsibility to sustain the world's environment
> is tantamount to complicity in the destruction of our planet.
  If memory serves the quote is correctly ascribed to Eldridge Cleaver. It
certianly dates to somtime late in the 1960's. 

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