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Fri Oct 13 01:07:44 EDT 1995

Since I am obviously not on this list due to any type of expertise´=?ÖË$ë5
(I can't even get a noise-robust modem!) I figured I should put in my 2c
Ù??Èabout the content.  I perceive "Permaculture", the brand-name kind
with acapital P, as being one of many attempts to integrate ecological
understanding, systems thinking, and agrarian values into a vision of
ecologically integrated and sustainable living.  As such attempt(`ì?s go,
it is a well-done one, and it seems like ´?âËpermacultê?çure;?? courses do
a reasonable job j??þof teachinïg ¨3?1basicï ecosystem ecology to those
who would otherwise not have a clue.  However, I have a little bone to
pick with a tendency I have seen among disciples of Mollison to ignore or 
devalue relatedjÚû disciplines which teach the 

Rachel Read Freifelder             
Revolutionary Ecologist
"Two TV sets and two Cadillac cars ain't gonna help me at all."
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